Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Take On The 10th

So, the powers that be over at One Press Place endorsed Paul Broun, pretty much saying that while the good doctor may be an SOB, at least he is our SOB.

I find the charge Broun was somehow opportunistic in his campaign curious, given the fact that Charlie Norwood’s deteriorating health was well known. Broun certainly was not the only candidate to lay the groundwork for a campaign before Norwood’s death – he was just honest about it. Even the editors commented on what a rare opportunity an open seat is.

I think that Broun will give Whitehead a run for his money. In the Augusta area, on the eastern end of the district, Bill Jackson won the race for Whitehead’s former seat in the State Senate without the need for a runoff, so turnout may be down there. On the western end of the district, some Democrats in Clarke County may cast ballots for Broun, if only for the purpose of voting against Jim “no show” Whitehead. And, regardless of what is going on with the Oconee County GOP, Broun should do well there.

If the local blogosphere is any indication, many Democrats will simply stay at home, rather than choose the lesser of two evils (and there is no clear consensus as to which candidate they think that may be). FWIW, it appears that the folks over at Flagpole, the house organ for “progressive” politics in Athens, are sitting the runoff out entirely, making no mention of it or either candidate in the current issue.

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DoYouHaveAnyIdea said...

You are most likely correct about area Democrats. I would urge, however, that everyone go out and cast a ballot. Even if you write in Donald Duck, or post your ballot without indicating any candidate. If you don't register your voice, it is difficult to participate in Democracy, or to have much to say about the decisions that will be taken in your name.