Wednesday, July 18, 2007

10th Congressional District Runoff

I have known Paul Broun for a few years now and am glad that he won for a variety of reasons (or at least appears to have emerged victorious with 98% of the vote counted as of 9:30 this morning). But, the fat lady has yet to make an appearance, so we shall see.

Broun is more conservative than am I (as opposed to my more libertarian leanings), but promises to employ a “strict constructionist” view of the Constitution if and when he carries out his duties as a congressman. To my thinking, that covers about 90% of the issues I may have concerns about right there.

I still think claims that the good doctor was acting in an improper manner by raising funds prior to Norwood’s death were unsupportable; Broun started preparing to run for this seat, upon Norwood’s vacating of it for whatever reason, a number of years ago – and he made no secret about it.

My support of Broun, quiet though it may have been, may put me at odds with some of my establishment GOP brethren, but so be it. Whitehead was the choice of the Republican establishment. I am part of that establishment, serving as a member of the state committee from the 10th congressional district, but will note that no one asked me my preference. The establishment apparently got cocky . . . and paid for it.

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