Thursday, July 5, 2007

Commission Voting Sessions (part 3)

This article in the Banner-Herald indicates that the Commission voted down a proposal to require pre-registration of those wishing to offer public comment at its monthly voting sessions. Unfortunately, the article does not give the details of that vote. Nor has the “unofficial summary” of the session been posted by the Clerk of Commission’s office yet.

I am curious to see the details of the vote. I sent an e-mail message in opposition to the proposal to the mayor and commissioners on Tuesday (10 of 11 anyway, one commissioner does not have e-mail). By about lunch time on Thursday, I had received four responses (three expressing opposition to the proposal and one thanking me for my comments without expressing a view one way or the other). I also received one of those automated I’ll-get-back-to -you messages (Mr. Abbe has made his views at that subject known in another forum). I had already discussed the proposal with one commissioner who did not support it, so no response was expected from that individual. In fairness, I sent the message about noon and perhaps not everyone received and read it by Tuesday evening’s voting session (though I must say that most commissioners do not respond to my messages on pending agenda items, or even when I thank and/or compliment them for specific votes). Oh, well.

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