Friday, August 31, 2007

Impertinent Observations

I find it amazing that Florida’s Democrats still cannot get their collective act together. The prospect of a fight between the state party and the DNC is simply too good to be true.

The DNC’s point is well taken, however; the RNC similarly is trying to put a stop to states moving their primaries up too far. If Florida moves its primary to before the first Tuesday in February, the RNC will penalize the state by reducing its number of delegates to the Republican National Convention by one-half. See Rules 15(b)(1)(i) and 16(a)(1).

North of the St Mary’s, Georgia is allotted 141 delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention next September in St. Paul, which would make it the seventh largest state delegation – unless some states get their allotments reduced by moving their primaries ahead and the Peach State delegation moves up the list.

Locally, as of mid-afternoon on Thursday one candidate had applied for each of the three offices to be decided by Winterville’s municipal elections this coming November. Incumbent Mark Farmer qualified for reelection to one at-large council seat and local attorney Rob McNiff for the other open seat; incumbent mayor James Mercer also qualified for reelection.

Pete and the folks over at Flagpole get high marks for publishing this commentary from the Georgia Public Policy Foundation. Both parts can be found on the GPPF web site.

Finally, as I understand it, there is an appeal pending concerning the property tax assessment freezes applied to properties in the Downtown Local Historic District created last year (or not applied as the case may be). More information will be posted as (and if) I get it.

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