Friday, September 21, 2007

Impertinent Observations

I’ve reviewed sections 5-3-94 through 5-3-125 of the Unified Government’s ordinances concerning its Drought/Water Shortage Management Plan and Water Conservation. I see nothing in the ordinances indicating that they apply to those who are not connected to the county’s Public Utilities water system. In fact, the “Purpose and Intent” section of Article 6 and the “Application” section of Article 7 would seem to limit any restrictions to those who get their water from the public system. This may be one of the few instances where residents of the formerly unincorporated area of the county get a break (though, of course, I am not advocating wasting water).

Continuing an issue from a while back (and later picked up on over at Peach Pundit), see this article about the apparent failure of commuter rail in Nashville.

Finally, my SCHS Indians play Dublin tonight as they try to run their record to 4-0.

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