Friday, September 14, 2007

What to Make of This - If Anything?

Who would have thought it, right here in our fair city, and only a few days before the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks?

About a week ago, a person in my office pointed out a
movie synopsis in Flagpole. The film, “The Mightiest Lie Ever Sold,” was scheduled to be shown at the Athens Regional Library on 05 September, complete with a “question and answer session with members of the Muslims of the Americas.”

I looked up both the film and the organization, arriving at the same
place. Quite apart from the specific subject matter of the film, i.e. "Investigating the truth and exposing the myths surrounding the Daniel Pearl kidnapping and the 9/11 tragedy," I explored the MOA site, followed the links I found there, and sought out what others had to say about Imam Galini, MOA, IQOU, and Al-Fuqra.

What I found did not make me happy.
Readers are advised to do the same for themselves and draw their own conclusions. For the Anti-Defamation League’s take on these matters, click here.

At that time, I found no mention of the film on the Athens Regional Library System’s
web site, so I do not think that it sponsored the presentation as part of its ongoing series. I assume that MOA reserved a room to show its movie, just like any other organization could do.

I want to be very clear - and emphatically so - that I am not alleging impropriety on the part of the library or its staff in any way. Nor am I advocating censorship; I am wary in the extreme of government censorship at all levels and do not favor barring groups such as MOA from the public square.

In fact, I think that the best way to debunk such views is to expose them to the light of public scrutiny.
I must admit, though, that this one caused me to do a double take.

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What, me worry? I own several weapons and plenty of ammunition. Bring it on.