Friday, October 19, 2007

Impertinent Observations - Dawg Bye Week Edition

The election of members to the Public Service Commission is a bit strange. Though they are elected statewide, each represents one of five specific districts – a circumstance that can lead to conflict. Bobby Baker, the first Republican elected to a statewide constitutional office since Reconstruction back in 1992, represents District 2 and currently serves as PSC chairman. He is also the subject of a civil suit concerning his place of residence filed by Roger Dozier, a rival candidate for the District 2 seat Baker defeated back in 2004.

For his part, Baker denies that claim, citing vehicle registration, jury service, and a voting history in Clarke County. I’ve known Bobby for a few years now and have found him to be a thoughtful and perceptive fellow. For what it is worth, I know that he has attended a fair number of our local GOP functions – pretty impressive for a guy who supposedly doesn’t live here. And since we are dealing with residency issues, I just can’t resist: Keith Heard, call your office.

Athens’ own Ben Epps Airport is hosting an open house and air show from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. this Saturday, 20 October, in celebration of the centenary of Epps’ first flight . Featured events include tours, static displays, a skydiving demonstration, an R/C aircraft demonstration, and a series of acrobatic performances. Admission and parking are free.

Finally, welcome to the Drew Carey Project, courtesy of the folks at the Reason Foundation.

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