Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Impertinent Observations

I just returned to the office from lunch at “The V.” While there, I ran into Blake Aued, whose work appears frequently on this blog, and David Ballard, chairman of the UGA College Republicans. Both were there for a campaign event featuring one of Mitt Romney’s sons, Ben (in differing capacities, of course). The “Mitt Mobile” rolled into the parking lot even as I was leaving; my presence was not by design – I just happened to have a craving for The V’s chili dogs

My hometown SCHS Indians are still at #4 in the AJC’s class AAA rankings. So far, the team has defeated Seneca, SC (about which I know absolutely nothing), AAAA # 9 Habersham Central, AAAA Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, AA # 10 Dublin, and region 8AAA opponent Apalachee. Up next is 8AAA foe Franklin County in Carnesville.

President Bush vetoed the SCHIP bill. The attempted expansion of a health insurance program, originally designed to help poor children, to include a multitude of people who are neither (and at appreciable expense, no less) was an idea that should have been vetoed. I just wish that W had started exercising his veto pen years ago.

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