Friday, October 5, 2007

Impertinent Observations

Next week, the Clarke County School District is going to increase its 2007-2008 budget by almost $695,000 (see agenda item 3 under New Business). By the end of the academic year, that originally proposed $117.5 million budget, which grew to $118.3 million over the course of the budget adoption process, will be but a dim memory.

Also, the “co-conveners” of OneAthens, the successor organization to the Partners for a Prosperous Athens, are being asked to keep the group financially afloat through the end of the current fiscal year. According to agenda item 6 under New Business, “UGA has responded with monetary and financial support; Athens-Clarke County, which previously provided $50,000, is considering providing additional funds in the neighborhood of $15,000.” The plan is for the CCSD to kick in another $5000. Does OneAthens' continuing appetite for tax money come as a surprise to anyone?

From the Heartland Institute’s “unofficial blog,” via the the GPPF’s Friday Facts, is yet more evidence that so-called “smart growth” policies are, in fact, directly responsible for the lack of affordable housing that typically plagues “progressive” municipalities. See the associated PDFs from Demographia here, and here.

And on a completely unrelated note, kudos to these students for joining, and to Cedar Shoals High School for supporting, a riflery team. I was an avid shooter back in the day, routinely participating in NRA Bullseye, IDPA, and GSSF competitions. I also worked as a volunteer range officer at the old 10th Congressional District Law Enforcement Match for several years, competing on the POST certification course in the RO category. I wish the team the best.

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