Wednesday, October 31, 2007

On Campus

As a quick aside, did anyone else notice that the stock video footage used on Glenn Beck's recent television segment concerning leftist intolerance on college campuses (i.e. Columbia and Emory) was of downtown Athens and UGA? You can read the transcript here.

Now that it has been in the news for a couple of days (I saw it first on Yahoo on Monday afternoon and it appeared on Nealz Nuze's Reading Assignments and in the Banner-Herald on Tuesday), this report concerning "dropout factories" reads like a profile of the Clarke County School District doesn't it? As one would suspect, school districts across the country that qualify as “dropout factories” are running for the tall grass and blasting the research and all involved.

And as if that is not bad enough, according to the Banner-Herald, a report from the National Women’s Law Center “found that 41 percent of Georgia's girls dropped out of school in 2003-4, ranking the state at the very bottom of the 43 states studied.”

And so it goes.

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Anonymous said...

Would all that "leftist intollerance" be found in the Bidness School as well? Or do they just teach the truth? :-)

james said...

As you already know, in the cases cited the term "leftist intolerance" does not mean a teaching philosophy or ideological predisposition, the Terry College of Bidness notwithstanding. :)

It means when speakers are "disinvited," as happened when Jim Gilchrist of the Minutemen Project attempted to speak at Columbia and the audience all but rioted (especially galling since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was welcomed with open arms)and when David Horowitz got shouted off of the stage at Emory last week.

Anonymous said...

Kind of like when Tariq Ramadan was disinvited by the federal govt to go to Notre Dame, no doubt :-)