Tuesday, November 6, 2007

CCSD Budget Amendments (again)

For the second month in a row, the Clarke County School District is poised to amend its 2007-2008 budget upward.

Readers may remember that last month, the CCSD spending plan increased by $694,870 (see Budget Amendments, the first item under New Business of the minutes adopted for 11 October) This month, the increase is an additional $117,700 (see item 2 under New Business).

To recap, the tentative budget proposed last May was $117,649,506 (plus another $10,940,264 in reserve and $750,000 in contingency funds). By the time the budget was actually adopted in June, it had increased to $118,290,754. With last month’s amendments, that total rose to $118,985,624. This month’s increase will bring the tally to $119,103,324 - almost a million and a half more dollars from where we started, and we are not even to Thanksgiving yet.

For what it is worth, the proposed increase for November includes $1500 for a “student poverty summit” being held by the Young Partners for a Prosperous Athens (YPPA); this comes on top of the $5000 approved last month to keep OneAthens, the successor organization to PPA, going until the end of the year (see Funding Support for OneAthens under New Business of the minutes adopted for 11 October).

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