Thursday, January 17, 2008

Of Race and Politics

The Georgia State Conference of the NAACP is calling for an official apology for slavery by the State of Georgia (see page 6). Fair enough, I fully understand the role of symbolism in politics. But I also realize that is all this is. Even if such an apology should be forthcoming, will it really accomplish anything meaningful? The short answer is no, it will not. I think that the NAACP’s efforts could be employed far better elsewhere.

Then again, I was publicly likened to the Klan by advocating nonpartisan elections for the Athens-Clarke County Commission, so what do I know.
Of course, we are all fully aware that the Republican Party is routinely defamed as a bastion of racism. In reality, though, the long knives are out on the other side of the aisle. Concerning the continuing Clinton/Obama race imbroglio, see:

The Politics of Pigmentation,” (a Review and Outlook piece in the Wall Street Journal)

The Identity Trap,” (a David Brooks column in the New York Times)*

Race and Politics” (an editorial in the New York Times)*

Democrats Downplay the Race Card” (a Michael Scherer piece in Time magazine)

Indian-American Sworn in as Louisiana Governor” (a Reuters article by Russell McCulley about Bobby Jindal’s triumph in the Deep South – the racist GOP in Louisiana obviously missed the memo)

Though it is not about race, being just to drive my “progressive” readers just a little more nuts, see “Why Capitalism is Good for the Soul,” an article by Peter Saunders in the Summer 2007 issue of Policy.

*If the direct links to these items do not work, you can navigate to them without registering by starting on the Times main page or using the author’s name as a search term.

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