Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Athens Area GOP Wrap

At the state level, we all know that Mike Huckabee placed first in the Georgia's hotly contested GOP primary, garnering 34.0% of the vote compared to John McCain’s 31.5% and Mitt Romney’s 30.2%.

Unsurprisingly, here in self-consciously “progressive” Athens-Clarke County (as a measure of that leftward tilt, Barack Obama got almost as many votes by himself as the nine Republicans and the seven other Democrats combined), the GOP breakdown was a bit different (
there appear to have been 7 “undervotes” on the Republican side):

John McCain 2437 (34.89%)
Mitt Romney 2176 (31.16%)
Mike Huckabee 1847 (26.45%)
Ron Paul 412
Rudy Giuliani 57
Fred Thompson 27
Alan Keyes 12
Duncan Hunter 7
Tom Tancredo 2

Voter turnout in Athens-Clarke County ranged from a low of 32.4% in precinct 4A to a high of 61.5% in precinct 1D. The overall turnout was 49.3%.

The Athens MSA consists of Clarke, Madison, Oconee, and Oglethorpe Counties, while Jackson County is in the “non-metropolitan” area of north Georgia. The order of finish in those neighboring counties was:

Jackson County – Huckabee, McCain, Romney
Madison County – Huckabee, McCain, Romney
Oconee County – McCain, Huckabee, Romney
Oglethorpe County – Huckabee, McCain, Romney

Thanks to all of those folks who came out to the “Moose Room” to view primary returns. We had a good time dissecting primaries, discussing policy, and speculating as to what the future may hold.

Finally, I had a few quotes in this article from last Sunday about the youth vote and local campaign efforts.

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