Thursday, February 14, 2008

Huckabee Down (and all but out)

Mike Huckabee did well in the GOP caucuses held last Saturday, winning in Kansas and Louisiana, and almost pulling off a victory in Washington. He did not fare so well in Tuesday’s “Potomac primaries,” losing the District of Columbia and Maryland handily, but doing surprisingly well in Virginia. Here are the percentage breakdowns by state:

District of Columbia: McCain 67.73%, Huckabee 16.57%

Kansas: Huckabee 59.58%, McCain 23.61%

Louisiana: Huckabee 43.18%, McCain 41.91%

Maryland: McCain 54.98%, Huckabee 29.26%

Virginia: McCain 50.04%, Huckabee 40.78%

Washington: McCain 29.52%, Huckabee 27.46% (87% of precincts)

With the delegates McCain pickup up over the past week, his nomination, barring something entirely unforeseen, is all but assured. Be that as it may, for a sampling of news and commentary concerning Huckabee, see:

Paul Weyrich Endorses Huckabee” by Joy Lin of CBS News

Huckabee Disputes Vote Count” by Janet I. Tu of the Seattle Times

Huckabee Seeks His Miracle” by Michael Scherer of TIME

Where Huckabee Goes from Here” by Byron York of National Review Online

Finally, here is James Taranto’s BOTWT bye-ku for Mitt Romney:
The data are in

After long consultation
The candidate's out

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