Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How Georgia's Delegation Fared

The National Taxpayers Union just released its Congressional Ratings for the 1st Session of the 110th Congress. The results for the Peach State delegation are striking:

“A” Rating
Nathan Deal (Republican – District 9) 90%
Lynn Westmoreland (Republican – District 3) 90%
John Linder (Republican – District 7) 89%
Tom Price (Republican – District 6) 88%
Phil Gingrey (Republican – District 11) 86%

“B+” Rating
Jack Kingston (Republican – District 1) 84%

“D” Rating
Jim Marshall (Democrat – District 8) 29%
John Barrow (Democrat – District 12) 17%

“F” Rating
John Lewis (Democrat – District 5) 7%
Sanford Bishop (Democrat – District 2) 5%
David Scott (Democrat – District 13) 5%
Hank Johnson (Democrat – District 4) 3%

Neither Charlie Norwood nor Paul Broun (Republican – District 10) were rated, though one may easily guess were either may have fallen. The state average for the House of Representatives was 50%.

Over on the Senate side of the Capitol, Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson each scored 75%, which works out to a rating of B+.

Any analytical commentary on my part would obviously be superfluous, as the numbers speak rather well for themselves. See the NTU’s press release and ratings.

Addendum - John McCain received an NA rating due to a lack of applicable votes, while Barack Obama (5%) and Hillary Clinton (3%) both received a rating of F.

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EHT said...

This is most amazing due to the very stark differences along party lines.

This would be an interesting report to share with students and have analyze reasons why the differences occur.

Thanks for posting this.