Monday, April 28, 2008

Local Government Budgets For FY 2009

As time is getting short in the annual budget adoption process mandated for local governments, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for any information concerning the FY 2009 budgets for either the Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County or the Clarke County School District

This public notice appeared in today’s
Banner-Herald, noting that the Mayor's recommended budget should be available tomorrow. The powers that be down at City Hall claim that they have already cut $1.8 million from the FY 2009 budget. I’d bet you dollars to donuts, though, that the supposed “cut” is, in reality, merely a reduction in a requested increase and not an actual reduction in spending - but we shall see.

To date, I have been able to find absolutely nothing in the
Banner-Herald or on the Clarke County School District’s web site about its upcoming budget – and time is getting perilously short for the public hearings process prescribed by state law – not that the CCSD can be counted on to observe the legalities.

For what it is worth, the TOA family received a property tax reassessment notice over the weekend. While it was not the double (or triple – and yes, that has happened twice) digit increases the Unified Government has tried to foist off on us in the past, given the reality of the real estate market these days, I don’t see how any increase is justified. Other than the ever-increasing spending by the local bureaucracies, that is.

In other Unified Government news, the folks down at City Hall are seeking applicants for a variety of authorities, boards and commissions. The deadline for applications is Friday, 16 May. See here for details.

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Winfield J. Abbe said...

There is an article in the ABH today April 29, 2008 at
They propose to raise taxes for their $105 million budget. Many property owners also received notices of tax increases on real estate last Saturday. Obviously Athens is going to do what it can to ruin the economy by increasing inflation in these recessionary times. It looks like Robin Hood is the hero of the Mayor and Commissioners of Athens Clarke County. Remember him, he stole from the rich and gave to the poor.
Today it means using the force and power of confiscation of property if you don't pay taxes, to provide benefits for other friends and cronies of government.

james said...

Let's see: increased assessments, millage rate increase, water/sewer rate increase . . . Like, you, I detect a pattern here.

FWIW, Robin Hood did not steal from the rich per sé, he stole from the tax collector.