Wednesday, April 30, 2008

That Other Shoe Is About To Drop

At its agenda meeting tomorrow evening, the Clarke County Board of Education is slated to amend its 2007-08 budget yet again, this time to the tune of $426,013 (see pages 83-84 of the slow-loading PDF).

This is the third set of such amendments. By my calculations, the District’s budget for 2007-08 comes to $119,049,247; the original budget proposed last spring was $117,649,506, by the time it was adopted the budget rose to $118,290,754, plus amendments in October of $214,780, plus amendments in November of $117,700, plus amendments in May of $426,013. Thus, from the time the budget was originally proposed until it actually ends, it will have grown by $1.4 million. Remember that is not from one budget year to the next, but within the same budget.

Also, items 1 and 2 under New Business concern the adoption of a tentative budget and millage rate for the District’s FY 2008-09 budget. Even though those items appear on the HTML version of the meeting’s agenda, the PDF contains no information on either the budget or the millage rate (though the latter is already at the constitutional limit of 20 mills and is in all likelihood going to stay there).

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