Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Second Verse, Same As The First

Much to my dismay, the Clarke County Board of Education is slated to vote on rejoining the Consortium for Adequate School Funding in Georgia at its regular session on Thursday evening (see agenda item 17 under New Business - page 64 of the PDF).

This is an ongoing concern for me, as can be seen by my earlier comments here, here, and here. The District joined the organization a couple of years ago, but dropped out last year when the cost to participate went up to $8 per student.

According to the memorandum from the superintendent, the Consortium now offers three levels of membership:

1. As a “Regular Member” with the right to elect Consortium board and officers and approve any settlement. The cost to be a “regular member” is $8 per FTE per year.

2. As an “Associate Member” without the rights indicated above but as a strong supporter at a cost of $1 per FTE per year.

3. As a “Supporter” at whatever level of financial support the Board would care to provide.

The superintendent’s recommendation is to take the Goldilocks approach and opt for membership at the “associate” level.

Given that the District’s per pupil spending was over $10,700 for FY 2007, that such spending places the District in the 95th percentile statewide, that the District’s portion of the local property tax millage rate is already at the 20 mills limit imposed by the state Constitution, that the state's QBE contribution to the District has increased by more than 23% since FY 2004, and that the District’s budget continues to grow by leaps and bounds, I find the prospect of flushing another eleven to twelve thousand dollars per year of my tax money down the toilet in the name of showing support unconscionable.

Such is the problem for we less government, fiscally responsible types; we have to keep fighting the same battles over and over

And yes, once again I’ve scooped the Banner-Herald with regard to what the folks over on Mitchell Bridge Road are planning to do.

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