Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shafer For Lieutenant Governor?

There has been speculation in the blogosphere of late concerning a possible run for the state’s number two office by State Senator David Shafer (Republican – 48th District, which encompasses parts of Fulton and Gwinnett Counties). See Erick’s post at Peach Pundit and Jmac’s at Safe As Houses.

I’ve chatted with Shafer at various Republican Party of Georgia functions, finding him to be a intelligent and personable fellow. He shares my limited government, fiscally conservative philosophy - traits evidenced by his early and continued involvement in the Georgia chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus.

As validation of that philosophy, consider that in the most recent legislative term Shafer sponsored SB 12, a measure calling for the “periodic application of zero-based budgeting” to state government agencies and SB 29, which would provide for a dedicated web site designed to make the state’s budget more accessible to the public.

Those (pitiful souls) who keep up with such things will immediately recognize that these ideas are near and dear to my heart. I advocated zero-based budgeting for the United Government as part of my platform for Commission back in 2006 and, as my blog postings will attest, have routinely urged the Clarke County School District to make its budget more available for public scrutiny.

Thus, should the political constellations align as anticipated, I will fully support Shafer for the GOP’s lieutenant governor nomination in 2010.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have been contacted about lending a hand to a potential Shafer campaign - a request to which I readily agreed. Given our ideological affinity, though, I daresay that I would have supported his candidacy in any event.

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