Friday, September 26, 2008


Of course, tomorrow’s matchup featuring the #3 Dawgs and the #8 Crimson Tide makes the Classic City the center of the football universe. The game is the biggest thing to hit this part of the world for a while (football being one of the few things to divert TOA from political matters). Both ESPN’s College GameDay and the FOX Tailgate Tour will be in town for the festivities (things are at such a pitch that the local constabulary is warning against counterfeit ticket scams).

As an undergrad, lo these many years ago, I baked my brain out in the student section on many a glorious autumn afternoon (and a few that were not so glorious). Lately, I have much preferred to watch the games at home while listening to Larry (and now Scott) call the play-by-play.

By the way, for those who may not have heard, there are plans that may increase the seating capacity of Sanford Stadium to 101,766 of the Bulldawg faithful (see the PDFs). Also, according to the guys at 960 The Ref, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was on hand for yesterday’s practice session.

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