Tuesday, September 9, 2008

CCBOE Elections

A mere eight weeks from today, voters in Athens-Clarke County may elect as many as three new members to the Board of Education (and not a moment too soon).

Though all has been quite on the campaign front since candidate qualifying, things should be heating up quite soon. In District 2, J.T. Jones is challenging incumbent Vernon Payne. Incumbent Allison Wright, finishing up her first term, is running unopposed in District 4. James Geiser is challenging District 6 incumbent Charles Worthy. Chinami Goodie and David Huff are contesting the open seat in District 8, from which Sidney Anne Waters is stepping down.

I’ve reviewed the campaign web sites for Geiser and Goodie. I like what I see with regard to the former, as Geiser cites the same statistics that I have been commenting on for years and is taking a “no excuses” approach. Goodie’s site is much less specific. If the other candidates have campaign sites up, I did not find them.

Regular readers (and yes, there are a few) are well aware that I have been a vocal critic of the Board of Education for a long time. My criticisms are not based on personalities, as I have nothing against any of the Board members, but on the continued academic underachievement and high costs that typify the Clarke County School District.

Addendum: Courtesy of a reader, here is the David Huff campaign web site.

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Anonymous said...

According to his signs, David Huff's campaign has a site: electdavidhuff.org

james said...