Thursday, October 2, 2008

House Server Overwhelmed By Constituents

I tried several times to email Paul Broun’s office in Washington to register my opposition to the Senate version of the bailout plan (the more I find out about the various provisions of the bill, the worse I think that it is – and I didn’t think much of the House’s original version to begin with).

Being unable to send an email, I instead called on the phone. Upon mentioning that I was unable to get through via email, I was told that the House server had been overwhelmed by messages from constituents. And I’ll bet that the vast majority of those comments are staunchly opposed to this pork and special interest laden travesty that does not address the root of the problem which, in my opinion, can be found in Washington more so than on Wall Street.

By the way, you do realize that Secretary of the Treasury Paulson’s original three-page proposal has grown into a bill, guaranteed to contain provisions of which the Senators who voted for it have no idea, that is half again as thick as the Athens phone book (and will doubtlessly grow even more). And the folks in Congress cannot figure out why their approval ratings lag well below that of a lame-duck president absolutely reviled by half of the country?

I realize that there may be some short-term economic bumps if this plan does not come to fruition. On the other hand, I fully expect the long-term consequences to be much worse if it does (by the way, I really wish that John McCain had voted against it).

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Anonymous said...

I called too. I don't think we have to worry about Broun voting for it. If he does, he'll be getting a very loud earful next time we cross paths at a GOP meeting.

This Frankenstein bill represents the last gasp of debauched Bush Republicanism and the first volley of ascendant Obama Socialism.

james said...

No, I'm not worried about Broun's vote either. I just called to be on record opposing the bill. I fear that your prediction about the future is all too accurate.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can discuss it with him at the Athens Press Club debate.

Oh, wait...