Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just Say No

President Obama made the rounds on Capital Hill today in an attempt to gain political cover for his presidency an his party by luring House and Senate Republicans into backing the train wreck that is the latest “stimulus” package. Obama went so far as to chide the GOP to “put politics aside” and support the bill, even though it is heavily invested with the advancement of progressive politics.

I will not detail the myriad and obvious flaws with the bill, as they have been sufficiently cataloged by a variety of think tanks, news organizations, and commentators all across the blogosphere. Suffice it to say that the proposal is a stunningly expensive amalgam of pork barrel projects, special interest bailouts, and political paybacks to left-leaning interest groups. In other words, it is suspiciously like the previous stimulus/bailout which, as a matter of record, failed rather pointedly in its promised effects - this one just has a higher price tag.

If the GOP entertains hopes of ever regaining power at either end of Pennsylvania Avenue, it should avoid any responsibility for this fiasco like the proverbial plague.

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