Thursday, April 16, 2009

Athens Tea Party Recap

The wife and I attended the Tea Party sponsored by the College Republicans at the UGA Arch (the demonstration permit was for 30 people, but a couple of hundred showed up). I’m not sure who all spoke, as we did not arrive precisely at the beginning of the event. Even so, I did hear District 1 Congressman Jack Kingston address those assembled. State Senator Bill Cowsert and State Representative Bob Smith were also in attendance. It turned out to be a pretty lively affair; several reporters, photographers, and a couple of camera crews interviewed various attendees (see coverage in the Banner-Herald and the Red & Black.

Some of the local "living wage" crowd showed up for a counter demonstration. I’m not sure how out-of-control government spending and their pet issue are directly related, but this is Athens and all of the lefty groups support one another (being composed of pretty much the same people anyway, who have yet to meet any “progressive” cause they did not all support). After they engaged in a bit of bullhorn assisted rabble rousing, Athens’ finest moved them off of the pedestrian island in the middle of Broad Street, where they were obstructing both pedestrian and vehicle traffic, to the north side of the street. I wonder if they had a permit, too? I’m inclined to think not.

I just hope that Janet Napolitano's Homeland Security cameras caught my good side. Everyone knows what dangerous radicals we believers in small government, low taxes, and federalism are.

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B. Y. Clark said...

Give up the DHS hates Republicans and conservatives line. It is BS and you know it.

There is a big big difference between the groups that the DHS report was focused on (KKK, skin heads, and militias) and Republicans/conservatives. Making it out to be Obama's big bad government against the little old Republicans is just plain dishonest. You obviously don't like his policies, that's fine...but this is ridiculous.

james said...

That is the problem with satire. Had you heard me speak those words, you would have been in no doubt that they were meant facetiously - for the most part anyway. :) It doesn't come across so well in print.

On the other hand, here is progressive land, I can assure you that there are more than a few who would gladly use the power of government to squelch political opposition.

Anonymous said...

Living wage did not show up for a counter demonstration. Their group holds a weekly vigil at the arch every Wednesday afternoon.

james said...

Okay. But with a bullhorn?