Thursday, December 31, 2009

Impertinent Observation

Admittedly, this is something of a pet peeve of mine. It strikes me as an appropriate note on which to end the year, however, as I find it symptomatic of a much larger problem.

Today may indeed mark the final day of 2009, but it does not mark the final day of the decade. Decades begin in years ending in “one” (such as 1901, 1991, 2011), not in years ending in “zero” (such as 1900, 1990, 2010). Thus, 31 December, 2010 marks the end of the current decade, while 01 January, 2011 marks the beginning of the succeeding one. One would never know it by news coverage, though, as evidenced by items such as this, this and this.

Some may excuse such blatant inaccuracy as a trifling matter. I am inclined otherwise. That is because I think that it is characteristic of a much larger, and I daresay intentional, ignorance that permeates our society (mathematical, historical, geographical, economic, etc.). To my mind, it is obviously apparent that our population has been “progressively” dumbed down (and yes, I use the adverb purposefully).

Otherwise, so many citizens would not stand blithely by while our betters in government pursue the ruinous policies that they do, and certainly not with such reckless abandon.

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1 comment:

hillary said...

High five on this one, James. We don't agree on much, but we agree on the proper definition of a decade.