Friday, April 9, 2010

CCSD FY 2011 Budget Follow Up

The Clarke County School District unveiled its “tentative” budget yesterday evening. The document anticipates a spending level of $118,702,397 (plus $7,764,340 in reserve funds for a total of $126,466,737).

In order to make up the shortfall between anticipated revenues and expenditures, the plan is to lop 70 positions off of the personnel rolls. Of that number, the vast majority will be elementary school and special education parapros (45) and middle and high school teachers (12) – you know, those folks in the classrooms (of whom parapros are paid the absolute least) as opposed to the legion of administrators over on Mitchell Bridge Road.

The tentative budget will be voted on 15 April, with final adoption slated for 24 June. See the budget overview and budget summary for yourselves.

As an aside, the Unified Government is already making noises about potential tax increases.

And so it goes.

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