Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shane Coley For State Senate District 47

After careful review, I have decided to back Shane Coley in the race for the GOP nomination in Georgia Senate District 47. This seat represents the eastern edge of Clarke County where I live and is the one being vacated by Ralph Hudgens, who is running for Insurance and Fire Safety Commissioner.

Everything that I see on his campaign web site indicates to me that Shane is a small-government conservative/libertarian type – just like me. We may well disagree on specific policies concerning this or that issue, but we appear to be quite similar in terms of political philosophy.

I do not claim to have much influence over the manner in which others may cast their ballots, but such as I do have is given in support of Mr. Coley.

Contact Shane’s campaign by any of the following:

The Committee to Elect Shane Coley
P.O. Box 35
Statham, GA 30666

Telephone (706) 352-4731

Fax (770) 586-0700


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