Thursday, October 21, 2010

Impertinent Observation

On WGAU’s Tuesday morning newscast, I heard coverage of the previous evening’s Athens Press Club candidate debate that included candidates for the Clarke County Board of Education.

What caught my attention was the sound bite by David Redman, a candidate for the District 7 seat (sorry - couldn't find a web site); while the other candidates’ audio clips concerned this or that education topic du jour, Redman’s quote concerned . . . parenting.  Imagine that, someone running for the school board who actually realizes that education starts in the home.

Without the desire to learn on the part of students, and just as importantly on the part of students’ parents, simply throwing money at the schools will not yield positive results.  We’ve tried that for a long time now – it does not work.

Addendum – Here is David Redman’s campaign web site (with a Pink Floyd reference, no less; David Gilmour and Roger Waters would be proud).

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Anonymous said...

ACC had to scrape the barrel to find interested BOE candidates, again, this time, and I suggest this is why ACC should APPOINT and not elect BOE members. GA should change state law to allow schools to choose either appointment OR election.
Finally, 'fixing' the schools will never be done; and their are many good students and teachers in our public schools. The BEST way to have excellent schools is to break the public school monopoly and allow competition. Tuition vouchers could accomplish this.

James said...

You will get no disagreement from me about the monopolistic public education system and tuition vouchers.

Anonymous said...

"and their are"??

If this is an example of the kind of education preferred by advocates of vouchers, then count me out (she said snarkily! :-) ).

James said...

I actually appreciate a bit of humor, as I can be a bit snarky myself from time to time. :)

David Redman said...

Being from the bottom of the barrel, I hope I can make you proud. The website is

Anonymous said...

Best wishes, David!

Resources are not unlimited and the best schools educate the most while spending the least.

(No kidding!)