Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On The Radio

Michael Smith and John Marsh, local critics of the SPLOST 2011 proposal from either side of the political spectrum. sound off on Tim Bryant’s Newsmakers.

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Anonymous said...

I listened to their comments and applaud Smith's far-reaching consideration of the proposed ACC SuperMax! (I mean, 'Biggie-size' jail!)

They'll fill it, no doubt! For the Sheriff, this culminates a long-term campaign for a new 'toy.' Afterall, now that the water, solid waste, and fire departments got 'theirs' well, isn't it only fair to create one more icon for the Sheriff?

Now then: Incarceration and even crime rates seem to be declining in relation to the economic crisis: Don't know why, though. As Smith points out, the diversion center will ALREADY deal with the over-crowding and do so in a much more humane manner. I though Ira was the 'caring' law man?

The ACC jail comes in at about 2x the cost of the same space in Jackson. For an explanation, check-out the new water bill payment office now emerging out of the former Athens First building.

There is NOTHING positive about building this monstrosity! ACC, though, will be in good company, now, sharing the common experience of paying for more jail space than is needed or otherwise wondering -- instead of why there aren't enough jobs -- why we don't have enough prisoners for our beloved jail!

Anonymous said...

The jail in Jackson has different (lower) security levels than what will be needed in ACC, which is why it's cheaper. The proposal and cost structure for the new jail has not been put together by Ira but by the Manager's office.