Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Disingenuous Sophistry

This article concerning population growth in the Athens area turned up in yesterday’s Banner-Herald.  According to the Census Bureau, the estimated 2010 population of Clarke County was 116,842.  This constitutes an increase of 15,353 (15.13%) from the tally of 101,489 back in 2000.

If I remember correctly from past population counts, those figures include UGA students who live here.  Predictably, local officials are more than happy to have such folks claim local residence – the more your population the more state and federal goodies to which you can lay claim.

But, insofar as I could get any specificity out of them, the supporters of the SPLOST 2011 ballot resolution counted those same residents as “visitors” to our fair burgh, because doing so allowed them to make the claim that half of the revenue generated by such taxes will be paid by folks who do not live here.

And so it goes.

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1 comment:

Double-barreled Cannon said...

ACC recently borrowed at least $93 million dollars to get to work on the 'biggie size' jail and that great monstrosity of government welfare for downtown hoteliers and landowners ... the Classic Center.

I think they ought to spend a little more to include a VIP section in the jail. (Just in case ...).