Wednesday, July 6, 2011

District 113 Update

The race for Georgia House District 113 has shaken our pretty much as anticipated.  The three Republican candidates split 73.3% of the vote, with Chuck Williams polling 38.8%, Sarah Bell polling 18.3%, and Alan Alexander polling 16.1%.  Dan Matthews, the lone democrat in the contest, garnered the totality of the blue vote by polling 26.7%.

In Oconee County, which forms the bulk of the district, Williams’ racked up 1271 votes to Matthews tally of 505 votes , Bell’s 504 votes and Alexander’s 421 votes.

As expected, Matthews’ strength lay in Clarke County, where he lead with 442 votes to Williams’ 128 votes, Alexander’s 119 votes and Bell’s 117 votes.

In Oglethorpe County, Alexander lead with 75 votes to Matthews’ 66 votes, Williams’ 61 votes, and Bell’s 51 votes.

Finally, Williams place first in Morgan County with 62 votes to Bell’s 41 votes, Matthews’ 36 votes and Alexander’s 18 votes.

The overall turnout was an appallingly low 11%; the turnout for the run-off will probably be even less.  Be that as it may, now that the contest is down to one Republican to one Democrat, the advantage obviously belongs to Williams.  The only way he can lose is if his supporters, along with those who voted for Bell and Alexander stay home – which, of course, is entirely possible.

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