Saturday, October 1, 2011

Impertinent Observations (Guineas & Gunny edition)

Our flock of free-range, wandering guineas, and by that I mean the ones that have adopted our neighborhood, has grown.  Instead of the original three (two males and one female – we think based on their plumages), we now have five (three males and two females – again, we think).  They can be kind of noisy, but their social antics are quite endearing.  And yes, I took the picture.

Missus TOA accompanied me to the GSSF match down below Conyers last weekend. I was very pleased with my scores for the first two stages that I shot.  On the third, however, I incurred 19 penalty seconds on the 20- and 25-yard targets.  Even so, the preliminary scores have me 90th in the Amateur Civilian category out of 402 entries.  Placing in the 77-78th percentile is not so bad considering I never practice.

The big news, though, was meeting R. Lee Ermy in the flesh (for those not in the know, Gunny is a spokesman for GLOCK in addition to his other endeavors).  We were just leaving the armorers tent when "the Gunny" came by in a golf cart with a plate of food in hand.  As he alit, my wife wanted to meet him.  She greeted him with a big "Hoorah!," to which he responded with an equally big "Hello, darlin'!" and an even bigger hug. She said that the meeting made her day, so I was doubly glad that she went with me. And yes, he looks just like he does on TV, only taller.

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