Friday, November 18, 2011

County Insists On Fighting No-win Battles

Read the column here (26 June 2011).

For those who may want to read the source documents for themselves.

Order Granting Partial Interlocutory Injunction; see page 5 for county attorney’s threat to have Mr. Stiles arrested and to personally prevent him from getting any construction variances, as well as City Hall’s plan to contract with the ADDA in an area that “. . . does not lie within the confines of downtown Athens as defined by the legislative act that created the ADDA. These efforts to induce the ADDA to engage in unauthorized conduct continue at the present moment . . .,’ see pages 19-20 for the ADDA being regarded as trespassers on the property in question:

Downtown Development Authority Facts; see for information about how Downtown Development Authorities were/are created and their powers:

Downtown Athens Development Authority - Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (1975):

Downtown Athens Development Authority Created (1977); see Section 2, pages 2-3 of the .pdf, for the strict and precise delimiting of “Downtown Athens area:

Downtown Athens Development Authority Act Amended (1980):

Downtown Athens Development Authority - Local Constitutional Amendment Continued (1987):

Marsh Open Records - Produced; response to an records request by John Marsh, see pages 7-13 of the .pdf for January through March billing of $13,215.56 (and note, again, that more bills will be forthcoming, as the hearing was not until April and the Order was not issued until late May - and now we get to pay for an appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court):

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