Friday, November 25, 2011

Local Programs Give Practical Emergency Preparedness

Read the column here (01 May 2011).

Here are some links that readers may find useful. Note that the contact information given in the column is current, but that given on some web pages that are floating around out there may not be.

Athens-Clarke County Citizen Police Academy (not much of a site, but it does have the full curriculum):

Athens-Clarke County CERT:

The Unified Government’s CERT program has not offered classes for a while, as it has proven problematic getting the requisite number of folks together at the same time to make conducting one worthwhile. Even so, Mr. Gulley informs me that a retooling of the program is underway and he hopes to offer classes again in the not too distant future. The East Georgia chapter of the American Red Cross may (or may not) be involved going forward depending on circumstances.

University of Georgia CERT:

I would like to thank Lt. Soriano, Mr. Gulley, and Mr. Golden for their kind assistance in the preparation of this column.

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