Wednesday, February 15, 2012

All Things In Moderation

My thanks to Clarke County Republican Party chairman Matt Brewster for asking me to moderate last Monday's evening's panel discussion among Athens-Clarke County Commissioners Kelly Girtz, Andy Herod, Kathy Hoard, and Doug Lowry.

The full meeting room at the County Inn & Suites included the “usual suspects” of GOP faithful, office holders, and candidates, but also included members of the general public, high school and collegiate student organizations, and members of the press corps (both the Banner-Herald and Flagpole were represented).

While I may frequently disagree with the policies adopted by City Hall, I have no personal animosity toward those who serve in government.  In fact, I think it did the commissioners credit to participate in our little civic exercise.

See the local GOP web site here and photos of the event here.

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