Monday, March 5, 2012

Georgia GOP Will Be Strong Presence At Convention

Read the column here (04 March 2012).

Great minds think alike:

There are two reasons why I focused on the GOP side of the presidential preference primary: 1) I am a Republican and am far more familiar with the minutia of this stuff on my side of the aisle (though anyone can look this information up for either party) and 2) the fact that, since Obama is for all intents and purposes unopposed on the Democratic side, the elephants are where all the action is.

For what it is worth, I partook of that action and cast my early ballot last Wednesday.

The three states that have more delegates allotted that Georgia are California with 172 delegates, Texas with 155, and New York with 95.

According to national GOP Rule 13(a)(5), states casting a majority of their 2008 electoral votes for the Republican candidate receive 4.5 + 0.60 × the jurisdiction's total 2012 electoral votes. The resulting math for Georgia is:
4.5 + (0.60 X 16 [2 Senators and 14 Representatives] =
4.5 + 9.6 = 14.1 (by rule rounded up to next higher whole number = 15)

See Rule 13, “Membership in Convention,” of the Rules of the Republican Party:

See Rule 7.3, “Election of National Convention Delegates,” of the Rules of the Georgia Republican Party:

See Republican Detailed Delegate Allocation (this is a great web site, so play around with it):

For the bit about “unpledged” delegates, see O.C.G.A. 21-2-197:

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