Thursday, June 7, 2007

Kudos to Carl

Though we disagree on many issues, Commissioner Jordan and I do share a certain affinity regarding fiscal matters (my thoughts on the Unified Government’s FY08 budget are detailed in an earlier post). With that said, I thank Carl for his lone vote against the budget.

Also, thanks to Blake Aued for his kind words about me vis-à-vis Carl.

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1 comment:

Winfield J. Abbe said...

Mr. Jordan is as much a hypocrite as any of the others on money or anything else. After I presented my proposal to save money on the 3 fire stations by obtaining the land for "free" for the Five Points station by using already public land on UGA and "free" for the Oglethorpe Station by using already public land at the Navy School he still caved and voted to waste $5.5 million or more for the Five Points Taj Mahal when, with a little intelligence, there would have easily been enough money in the $12+ milllion budget to build the Danielsville station as well.
Then Mr. Jordan complains about the Danielsville station being too fancy! Mr Jordan has done nothing to encourage connecting roads in the area of U.S. 441 N and U.S. 29 N where emergency vehicles must come all the way "back" to the bypass should an emergency occur in another area. He has done nothing to reduce the moneywaste of the bus system and the pollution of the air with diesel exhaust, nothing to increase safety by still permitting these dangerous buses to block traffic lanes, etc.What has he done to equalize services in the jurisdiction? He also refused to comment on my presentation last summer "One Set of Rules for Government; Another for Citizens" Mr. Jordan runs his mouth more than most of the others but is deafeningly silent on the how, what, when, where and why of the decision to appeal the order to open the Jennifer Stone Murder case investigation. Here is a link for that issue:

And how did Mr. Jordan vote on the recent moneywaste of the purchase of Athens Federal? All of these non representatives get enough free kudos from the Athens BAnner Herald which routinely violates the rules of journalism by failing to properly criticize and question the sordid activities of the Athens Clarke County board of tyrants.