Tuesday, June 5, 2007

An Impertinent Observation

The same listing of hosts for a reception (i.e. fundraiser) for candidate James Marlow can be found on at least three local blogs. Notably, the list includes a who’s who of local politicos: the mayor, eight of the ten current commissioners, the tax commissioner, and a state representative (not to mention a former mayor and a former state representative).

Of course, elected officials are free to contribute, endorse, or otherwise support any candidates they choose. On the other hand, however, all of the other candidates in the race, of whatever party, may legitimately wonder if such apparent unanimity amounts to a de facto endorsement of Mr. Marlow by the Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County. Just food for thought.

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Winfield J. Abbe said...

If I paid my money and attended this party do you think they would divulge their secret activities in the decision to spend public taxpayer money to keep the Jennifer Stone murder police file secret, under wraps, so citizens cannot verify the truth of a corrupt, criminal cover-up by government? I would likely be treated as persona non grata and so would anyone else. Isn't it amazing how un representative our local Athens Clarke County government really and truly is?

Winfield J. Abbe said...

Here is a link to more comments on the Jennifer Stone murder and sexual assault cover-up by the Athens Clarke County non-representative government.


Anonymous said...

Um... wow. How completely off-base. This is going to be fun.

DoYouHaveAnyIdea said...

Actually, not so much fun, as stifling comment on the topics posted. Alas.