Friday, December 14, 2007

Brief Reflections On Broun

The TOA family had the opportunity to chat with Representative Paul Broun and his wife, Niki, at last night’s Clarke County Republican Committee Christmas party. The discussion covered many of the issues mentioned by Blake over at the Banner-Herald’s blog, thereby prompting a couple of observations on my part.

The first is that, generally speaking, I see no benefit in having Republican primary challengers to a Republican incumbent. Of course, this assumes that the incumbent is doing a good job representing his/her constituency
- RINOs need not apply - and I think Broun is performing admirably in the House of Representatives. But, of course, would-be politicians run when and where they think they can win.

The second is that, regarding Broun specifically, I am eagerly looking forward to his reelection. During the recent campaign, the good doctor instituted a “Four-Way Test” regarding his role as a congressman. Says Broun’s official web site:

I will apply the following four-way test to every piece of legislation that comes before the House for a vote:

1) Is it Moral/Right?
2) Is it Constitutional?
3) Is it Necessary?
4) Is it Affordable?

Broun is living up to his billing as a small-government conservative, or a classical liberal if you prefer. That being the case, he will contnue to have my full support.

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Xon said...

Broun was the only other Republican to vote with Paul on something or other last week. I can't keep it all stragiht anymorer. We need more like him, I think. And Athens should be able to live with having a civil libertarian representing them, given the alternatives.

james said...


It was a horrible bill, for a variety of reasons, on which the House held no hearings whatsoever. It was just dropped on members' desks and they voted on it pretty much sight unseen.

See the piece by Austin Rhodes of Metro Spirit down in Augusta. You can link to it through Jason Winder's Morning Meeting blog for 17 December.

Xon said...

Austin Rhodes, eh? I'll read it despite his being the author, on your say so James. :-)

Xon the native Augustan

Nicki said...

Disagree completely. Paul Broun will not get my vote a second time due to his stupid, unconstitutional, potentially expensive anti-choice bill -- which is also stupid and expensive because it doesn't have a snowball's chance of becoming law, so it's merely a waste of our legislative time.

Xon said...

One issue voter, eh? :-)

Nicki said...

More issues than that, but that's a pretty serious one. If an individual's autonomy isn't important, than what is?

profg said...

"If an individual's autonomy isn't important, than what is?"

Umm... how about an individual human being's LIFE?

Read the bill.

Nicki said...

Yep, sure is easy protecting "life" when you're not the one losing any autonomy, isn't it?

profg said...

I guess so, that is, if you also think it was easy for William Wilberforce to protect "freedom" when he wasn't the one losing his property. Look it up in your history book.

Nicki said...

Oh, yes. God knows that since I disagree with you I must be stupid.

And Wilberforce was protecting all "people" even down to the 80%+ of "people" who wouldn't even "survive" implantation, right?

Thanks, I'm done. If you want to stop being a condescending jackhole, then I'm up for discussing it.