Friday, December 14, 2007

Taking Care Of Business – with Mike Huckabee

The TOA family trekked over to South Carolina last Saturday to see Mike Huckabee at a campaign appearance held at the University Center of Greenville (thanks to David Ballard and the UGA College Republicans for letting us tag along).

Upon taking the stage, the Governor joined the band, made up mostly of local high school students, that had been entertaining those assembled, and played bass for a rendition of the 1970s BTO classic mentioned above (and yes, I had that album).

Huckabee delivered a good stump speech in which he displayed his trademark wit and humor. It was a campaign appearance designed to rev up his supporters, not a policy address, so he did not really get into details, save for his new nine-point “
Secure America” plan dealing with border security and immigration issues.

After pressing the flesh with the crowd following his talk, Huckabee was kind enough to spend a few minutes with the UGA College Republicans for pictures and autographs (and yes, we got to say a few words to him and shake his hand).

My wife lovely, Ann, took the video featured above that highlights the Governor's affable demeanor (sorry that I took so long to post it, but I had some codec/format problems).

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