Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bye-ku(es) for Presidential Wannabes

The “bye-ku” for each of these former 2008 presidential candidates was shamelessly lifted from various editions of James Taranto’s Best of the Web Today, which appears in the online version of the Wall Street Journal. Hopefully, I won’t get sued.

Joe Biden/Chris Dodd (combined):
Yes, they've really spent
68 years in Congress
It just seems longer

Sam Brownback:
When he gave a speech
Attendees numbered less than
This line's syllables

John Edwards:
Such a pretty man
Gee, his hair looks terrific
Looks aren't everything

Jim Gilmore:
Is he still alive?
We thought he was killed by a
Utah firing squad

Rudy Giuliani:
From 9/11
Things went downhill on the road
To 11/4

Duncan Hunter:
It seems we won't see
A Hunter-Thompson ticket
Bedtime for Gonzo

Dennis Kucinich:
Surely he is an
Unidentified object
But he does not fly

Bill Richardson:
What we need is change
I guess experience is
Kind of a leper

Tom Tancredo:
Is it really true
The nativists are restless?
Not enough to vote

Fred Thompson:
They called him "tortoise"
But now the man with no hair
Has got out of ours

Tommy Thompson:
"I'm too sexy for
This poll," said Tommy? Oh, right
Said Fred, not Tommy

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