Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Florida Fallout (and casualties)

John McCain placed first on the GOP side of yesterday’s Florida primaries - taking all 57 of the Sunshine State’s delegates to the Republican National Convention - thereby establishing himself as the frontrunner. Mitt Romney finished second. Rudy Giuliani, who had staked his political future on doing well in the Florida, placed a disappointing third. My guy Mike Huckabee came in fourth, but to a certain extent he had abandoned the “winner-take-all” contest.

Word is that Giuliani will bow out of the race prior to the GOP debate this evening at the Reagan Presidential Library. It also appears that Jon Edwards is poised to exit the contest on the Democratic side

According to Real Clear Politics, the current delegate count is:

McCain 93
Romney 59
Huckabee 40
Paul 04
Giuliani 01

CNN has the delegate count like so:

McCain 97
Romney 73
Huckabee 29
Paul 06
Giuliani 02

The tallies differ because of the vagaries associated with “unpledged” delegates.

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