Thursday, January 3, 2008

Huckabee Wins Surprisingly Big

I'm listening to Mike Huckabee talk about his victory on FOX News even as I write this. The Governor won the Iowa Republican caucuses by a surprisingly large margin and, in doing so, he overcame the substantial organizational and financial advantages held by Mitt Romney.

While I am happy that Huckabee did so well, I think that the importance of the Iowa caucuses is overrated; the state’s record in picking the eventual Democratic and Republican nominees, much less the eventual general election winner, is not so good. But, a win is a win and I am sure that Huckabee will take any win that he can get (as will Barack Obama, for that matter).

Even so, I think that the Republican vote is more representative. This is because the GOP caucuses operate more like a traditional American election, specifically in that they employ secret ballots and every vote counts, regardless of a candidate’s percentage of the total vote. On the Democratic side, the ballots are not secret and the voting procedures employ two rounds, with the candidates having to meet a percentage threshold in order for their voters to count.

I fully expect to get inundated with even more of those anti-Huckabee email messages now, particularly from Ron Paul supporters (but that is okay). And yes, I saw Huckabee’s appearance on Leno.

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Xon said...

Nah, you have shown you will not bend to reason. So we have moved on. :-)

Hugs and Kisses,

Ron Paul Supporters

P.S. Huckabee raises taxes, releases serial rapists from prison, comes under review from ethics panels, starts a 'registry' for he and his wife so they can furnish their house when they leave the governor's mansion, talks like Edwards on the economy (so how can a libertarian stand him? I honestly don't get that, bro!), thinks the presidency is a stand-up routine, makes a mockery of his own faith (see his 'phonecall from God' stunt at the GOP governors convention in 04), doesn't keep up with basic foreign events news, favors a national ban on smoking, and now I'm tired of typing. But other than that Mrs. Lincoln how was the play?

Xon said...

Oh yes, and he's been ENDORSED by the National Education Association. Something is seriously wrong here. For a libertarian voter, is there a SINGLE issue on which Huckabee represents a libertarian perspective? What? The FairTax?

james said...


Yes, I know the litany of items (many of which have been taken out of context), but the opponents of every candidate can produce one.

And yes, Huckabee's support of the FairTax means a lot to me, but he is a strong Second Amendment supporter, as well.

Like I said before, my support for Huckabee is based on more than just policy positions.

BTW, I was not referring to you. Being on every GOP-type email list that there is (being the big mover and shaker that I am - yeah, right, I've been bombarded by the Paulistas.