Monday, January 7, 2008

Impertinent Observations

I haven’t done an IO post for a while, so here are a couple of nuggets for your consideration.

Congratulations to Mitt Romney for winning the Republican caucuses/county conventions in Wyoming and picking up 8 of 12 available delegates . Fred Thompson scored 3 delegates and Duncan Hunter got the remaining one. While it is true that Wyoming is a small state in terms of delegates, every one that you rack up is one that your opponents do not.

Also, Ben Evans of the Associated Press reports that Georgia was the fifth fastest growing state in terms of population from July 2006 to July 2007. The speculation is that the Peach State will add a 14th representative to its congressional delegation after the 2010 census, as political power continues to shift toward the South and West and away from the Northeast and Great Lakes areas (possibly, but not necessarily, benefiting the GOP).

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