Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Clarke County Advance Voting

At the half-way point of advance voting, more than 500 people had cast ballots at the Clarke County Board of Elections office (178 on Monday, 257 on Tuesday, and about 100 through noon on Wednesday). Turnout has been so large that additional voting machines were set up in City Hall to supplement the three in the Board’s office.

According to Supervisor of Elections Gail Schrader, who always graciously answers my questions, election workers had processed 548 Democrat primary ballots (325 in office and 223 mail-ins) and 344 Republican primary ballots (194 in office and 150 mail-ins) through the close of business on Tuesday. That works out to a 61% to 39% split, which is pretty much what one would expect here in the bluest of blue counties.

She also informed me that additional voting machines will be set up in old Fire Hall portion of the Classic Center for advance voting prior to November’s general election.

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