Thursday, May 27, 2010

Both Witty And Wise

Thanks to Banner-Herald Editor Jim Thompson for his kind words regarding TOA in yesterday’s “The Editor’s Desk” feature. The genesis of Thompson’s mention can be found in my latest letter to the editor lamenting the obvious disdain in which the Unified Government holds the Charter. That letter to the editor was, in turn, a follow up to this letter to the editor which, in turn, led directly to this editorial.

As I have noted before, my recent series of letters is drawn directly from issues I tried to raise during my 2006 campaign, unsuccessful though that attempt may have been. It appears, though, that they are having the desired effect this time around, namely that of (at least partially) driving the political debate concerning the relationship between Athens-Clarke County’s citizens and the Unified Government.

As an aside, after I submitted that most recent letter via the Banner-Herald’s web site, Thompson contacted me to ask if I objected to him including TOA in his “The Editor’s Desk” feature (naturally, I responded that I did not), but I took the opportunity to comment on my rationale for the letter:

“I've always found Kelly Girtz to be a likable sort of guy (and I even agree with him for time to time) but, to me, this latest moratorium and Charter business is symptomatic of all that is wrong with our local government.”

I want it to be clear that I hold no personal animosity against Girtz.  Even so, I honestly think that the Unified Government has run roughshod over the Charter, not to mention existing zoning and development ordinances, on the basis of "progressive" ideology for a long time  - and I have years worth of examples on which I base that opinion.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Girtz, of course, is squarely in the corner of those whose livelihood is derived from public spending; and hence believes that more spending, then, through higher taxation or borrowing, is superior to a stale or declining level of spending: Give us enough money and we'll 'Move the Earth'!

Your analysis is correct; the rural yahoos in the Commerce Road sector, for instance, can be beat into submission (no sewer, no bus, no stormwater drains, no development potential with FULL throated property taxes ) while the Greenbelt is preserved. This is the way of our leadership corps!

And they know nothing about it!