Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Quick And The Dead

This post is a quick (pun intended), though well-deserved, “shout out” to local attorney Regina Quick. In addition to being a fine attorney and upstanding citizen, she has developed slaying the Unified Government into a fine art. To wit, see:

•The empty chair tax appeal case

•The undevelopable, sewage-infested property case

•The stoplight camera case

There may well be other examples that escape my memory at the moment. Be that as it may, at some point the folks who run the Unified Government – or better yet, the voters – should start paying attention to these sorts of things, as they are starting to add up.

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Anonymous said...

I think the ACC rep here, in this case, was clearly in contempt of court because he did not provide the requested evidence. This blather about calling a camera to testify is cute, but the judge should have been equally cute, and jailed the official for his 'contempt' of a judicial proceeding.

Red light cameras cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to install and maintain. Fine revenue, generally, is eaten up by this overhead while the cameras themselves cut the number of uniformed officers. If Alan Reddish, the M & C, want to buy-in to this self-serving boondoogle -- perhaps they have financial ties to the camera outfit -- fine. The voters, though, should place Reddish and the other camera-supporters in an unemployment line!

Anonymous said...

What utter nonsense, anon!! If you don't want to get a fine then don't run the damned red lights and put me and my family in danger. I thought you conservatives were all about personal responsibility. Well, the personal responsibility comes in not being a danger to other drivers by driving like an ass. This nonsense about "I need to get ticketed by a cop and not a traffic camera" is just so much, well, childish nonsense. You get caught running a red light and all you can do is the equivalent of a tantrum for getting caught? What real difference does it make if it's a cop pulling you over to give a ticket or a cop looking at the photo of you running the red light and then issuing you a ticket? Grow up!

james said...

None of us wants drivers to run red lights. The problem here was a procedural one; the local government showed up in court unprepared to prove its case - and an astute attorney called its bluff. My point is that such situations have happened all too often of late.

Anonymous said...

Now then, let me ask again, "Why would the local official show up in court unprepared to prove his case?" For instance, by NOT producing evidence ...

That's contempt of court, imo, and it's contemptuous of the folks who rely on such judicial forums to resolve disputes. This ACC official SHOULD have been jailed if he didn't have a very good excuse; and, no, the cute stuff about the cameral not being a person does not cut it.