Friday, May 28, 2010

Impertinent Observations

For what it may be worth, someone on the Overview Commission called yesterday to chat about the Clarke County Airport Authority, one of the aspects of the Unified Government’s Charter on which I have harped since my 2006 campaign for the District 1 seat on the Athens-Clarke Count Commission (see here, here, and here). At least it would appear that my rants are having some effect. In the words of C. Montgomery Burns, “Excellent.”

Yes, I am trying a new color scheme here on TOA. I periodically get complaints about the original red on black scheme from folks who say that they find it hard to read. I kind of like the original because 1) I am a two-time UGA alum (B.S.Ed and A.B.) and 2) I found it to be fairly unique in the blogosphere. However, I want TOA to be reader-friendly so I will try something different for a while and see what feedback I may receive.

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Winfield J. Abbe said...

The Athens Clarke County airport is a play toy for elitists with expensive to maintain airplanes. It was there first but governments over the years have totally failed to limit schools, apartments, businesses, homes, etc. to be constructed in and around the flight paths of both runways. A number of crashes have already happened. This is a disaster waiting to happen.
The airport is also not economically viable. It exists mainly because like other federal government programs, the federal government produces subsidies for a time, then removes them, leaving the taxpayers footing the bills as they have done with the bus system here and others services as well The fed probably wants all these local airports but know most taxpayers wouldn’t support them. So they provide these enticements but encourage unsafe conditions in the area.
The airport should be shut down immediately. The Southeast runway is especially dangerous and takes planes over about 3 schools plus apartments, businesses, etc.
This is just another example of how this government routinely disregards the health, safety and welfare of all citizens living here, and makes policy for the selfish benefit of friends and cronies.
You improved the site by removing the red and black.

james said...

You may well be correct regarding the issues you bring up. However, my interest in the airport stems from what the Charter says should have happened vis-à-vis the Clarke County Airport Authority versus what the Unified Government has actually done (which is nothing).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

James, do you still live in D1? Look, we only have a few weeks left until the people of district 1 are forced to watch the lonely candidate qualify and win D1 without a challenge.

Bickerton is NOT leadership material, and if you sit back and let this happen, after you busted your ass and barely lost to Lowry in 06, I'm going to be very disappointed...

Please, just put the option back on the table. I'll be in touch with you very soon if you decide to make this reality. I really hope you give it a chance...

Anonymous said...

Changing economic fortunes might change the ACC political calculus.

Voters and citizens could experience several years of stout millage rate increases if the MC attempts to replace the revenues lost in the housing bust. A referendum allowing the BOE to exceed it's millage limit, too, could goose property taxes.

I think this will occur because the leaders believe not doing so represents 'poor' leadership.