Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fire Station No. 6 Update (yes, again)

Seems that yesterday's announcement of the reopening of Fire Station No. 6 may have been a bit premature.  Said the Banner-Herald's article:

Station 6 now is fully staffed, with five firefighters per shift, and Engine 26 and a tanker truck in the bay.

The A shift was the first to move into the station Friday, with the B and C shifts following on subsequent days.

I happened to drive through the intersection of Olympic and Athena Drives about noon today; there were no signs of life whatsoever at the station, no engine or tanker truck anywhere to be seen, and only two vehicles in the parking lot where one would expect on-duty firefighters to park (a sedan and a pickup truck).

But, after some twenty-one months, what is a couple of days more?

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