Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Development Work Done In Many Ways

Read the column here (18 September 2011).

Though I am gratified to see that Project Blue Heron is dead, I still think that the various departments, authorities, and nonprofits mentioned above need to develop a coordinated economic development strategy - insofar as they can, that is. I realize that their objectives and approaches vary and, to a certain extent, therein lies one of the many problems that we face.

Be that as it may, this column got whittled down a bit in the editing process (not a complaint, merely an observation), so here is some additional information:

Athens Clarke-County Human & Economic Development Department:

Georgia Department of Community Affairs:

Local Government Authorities

Definition of Authority Terms

2011 Directory of Registered Local Government Authorities

Athens Downtown Development Authority:

Joint Development Authority of Northeast Georgia:

Athens-Clarke County Economic Development Foundation:

Follow the links above to differentiate between "constitutional" and "legislative" authorities and among the three "single-jurisdictional” authorities, operating only in Athens-Clarke County, and the two “multi-jurisdictional” ones that include other counties.

The Athens-Clarke County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) is the traditional development authority that most think of when they hear the term “development authority.” This authority is often, though incorrectly, referred to as the “Economic Development Authority.”

The Economic Development Foundation was formed as an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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